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  • At Home Pet Care

    A local pet feeding and pet sitting service based in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane (Bellbowrie). It is run by Lisa Horner.

    At Home Pet Care have been feeding and caring for pets in the Western Suburbs of since 2006.


    Originally At Home Pet Care with Gabriele, the business was taken over in 2010 by Karen and Rob Kiernan, trading as At Home Pet Care with Karen.

    That’s Karen, left, with her old Chocolate Lab Baggy, who both moved to Australia from the UK back in 2007.

    In 2012 Karen’s friend from school, they’ve known each other since they were both six years old, also moved to Australia. Within a year or so Lisa was helping to run the business with Karen and when Rob and Karen decided to sell the business on, Lisa was the natural choice.


    Lisa now continues to care for pets in our local area as At Home Pet Care with Lisa.


    So, At Home Pet Care continue offering the pet feeding and pet sitting services of the previous owners to the local residents of Bellbowrie, Moggill, Anstead, Mount Crosby, Karana Downs, Pullenvale, Pinjarra Hills and Brookfield.


    If you have any concerns, I can prove we’ve been serving the local community since 2010, I can show you police clearance checks in our personal names and I am pretty sure I have looked after pets very close to where you live, probably in your street.


    If you want me to phone one of our local customers to you and ask if it’s okay for you to have a chat, I am more than happy to do that. Just ask.


    If you’re looking for a local, reliable, at home pet feeding and pet sitting service, please give Lisa a call on 0418 751 241.

  • Dog walking & pet sitting services — Best on the Western Suburbs


    You may enjoy being in different surroundings while you’re on holiday, that five-star hotel, a different restaurant every night or even the surrounds of a luxury cruise liner. But your pets, they’d rather stop at home.


    Now you can let them. Instead of packing them off to the kennels, let At Home Pet Care visit your pets in the comfort of their own home.


    My Western Suburbs dog walking and pet sitting service covers:




    Mt Crosby

    Karana Downs


    Pinjarra Hills


  • The service is tailored to suit your needs and can include:

    Pet feeding at your home, daily or twice a day

    The choice is yours, I give you the flexibility to keep your pets routine unchanged while you’re away.

    Pet care

    Some pets need medication on a daily basis, I can take care of that too.

    Dog walking if required 

    Some dogs live in large yards, some smaller dogs stay indoors, but others need their daily walk, there’s stuff to smell out there! Whether you want one walk or two, a short or a long walk, dogs walked together or not walked at all, I will tailor our service to suit you. Or rather, your dog! No minimum charges, you just pay for what you need.

    Mail, magazine and leaflet collection

    You might be away, but you don’t want it to look like you are. I tidy up all the junk mail, magazines, leaflets and local papers from your mail box, drive, lawn, wherever it lands. And I will collect your regular mail too and put it by in a safe place (agreed by you) either in or outside of your house.

    Plant watering, indoor or out

    Plants need feeding too! Just let me know which plants, how often and how much, and I’ll do that too.

    Wheelie bin service

    Never miss a bin collection again while you’re away. I will take your bins out on the Sunday and bring them back in again on the Monday. Your rubbish will be taken away, but nobody will know you’re away too.

    Pet cuddles and treats 

    I love all animals, so I can’t resist a cuddle with them, I hope you don’t mind. And I always carry some treats with me. They’ve only got to look at me with those big round eyes and I’ll be reaching in my pockets.

    Want something else? Just ask! 

    Whether it’s chlorine in the pool or fallen leaves out, checking doors or windows are secure or making sure your dog hasn’t tunneled into next doors garden, I’ll do it. Just ask!

  • Western Suburbs pet feeding & home pet care rates


    I try to offer a service that is as flexible as possible to suit your pets needs. As such, it’s not easy to give an exact price list to cover everything. But I want to give you a very good idea of what my service will cost.


    First, here’s how it works. Simply call Lisa on 0418 751 241 and let me know exactly what you need. I will quote you a price on the phone. If you’re happy with that, I will make an appointment to meet you and your pets. There is no charge for this visit.


    I will go through everything that needs to be done, where everything is kept and make sure I know exactly what it is you want me to do. It is possible on this visit that I may amend our telephone quote, although this very rarely happens.


    During this visit, I will also discuss whether I need access to your house or not. Many pets live outdoors but some stay indoors. If I need a house key, I will discuss how I can collect it and how to return it when I finished.

  • Pet Feeding & Home Care Price Guide*

    1 Visit per day


    Pet Feeding - $20

    Dog Walking - $25

    Feeding + Walking - $30

    2 Visits per day


    Pet Feeding - $35/40

    One Dog Walk - $25

    Feeding + One Walk - $45/50

    *Prices quoted are for one pet. Two or more pets from as little as an extra $5 per visit.
    *Reductions available for old aged cats.
    *All include mail collection and wheelie bin service.
    *Additional charges may apply, depending upon your requirements.
    *But don’t be too surprised if our fees turn out to be lower than the guide either.
    *Give me a call, you’ll be amazed at how much more I can do for so little extra.

    No pets?

    Home Care Service $15 per day

    Collection of Mail
    Plant Watering (Indoor)
    Wheelie Bin Service
    Peace of mind!​

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